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January 10, 2016
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February 10, 2016


This Code of Ethics has no mandatory status insofar as it does not intend to lead to any legal implication, especially given that the membership in AYM is a voluntary-based choice. However, it is issued for guidance purposes only, and in the event of non conformity with its provisions by a non conforming member, it will be stated to have committed a serious breach or grave misconduct of his/her duties, under the objectives of AYM and requirements of this Code of Conduct. In this context, the Code formally sets out standards for behaviour and practice and requires all AYM Members to indicate in writing their agreement to comply with it.

The fundamental principles set out the obligations placed on all members, whether or not they are in practice. The four principles are set out below:

  • Integrity: Members shall be straightforward and honest in all AYM relationships. The Code goes on to state that integrity implies not merely honesty, but fair dealing and truthfulness.
  • Objectivity: Members shall not allow bias or undue pressures that are likely to compromise the work of AYM. Instead, they are required to take an objective stance in ensuring the consistency of AYM’s vision and mission.
  • Professional competence and due care: All Members have a continuing duty to provide their professional knowledge and skill at a level required for the benefit of AYM and to ensure that all the time, their involvement in AYM activities equalizes the competent professional service needed. Members shall act diligently in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards when providing professional services.
  • Associative behaviour: Members shall comply with relevant disciplinary level and shall avoid any action that may discredit AYM. All Members shall behave with courtesy and consideration towards their fellows and all with whom they come into contact in AYM professional capacity.

The application of the Fundamental Principles is considered within this conceptual framework, which acknowledges that these principles assist members to safeguard themselves against a broad range of circumstances that my compromise the significant progress of AYM.

Areas of the code most relevant to members in practice are detailed in the below lines:

  • Scope

This document outlines the Code of Conduct for all persons volunteering their service to the African Youth Movement as core Members. It covers their behaviour as a member of AYM community, in any forum, mailing list, Google hangout/Skype meetings, facebook, website, private correspondence, organisation’s events and attendance in international conferences on behalf of AYM, etc. If you cannot agree to any of the above-said principles and other provisions of the Code, then volunteering in the AYM is not for you. Accepting the role offered assumes acceptance of these principles.

  • Be Self-sacrificing

You are working with others as a team so be considerate of how your actions or contribution affects your colleagues and the community as a whole and remember that we live in an environment of diversity in terms of cultures, beliefs and individuals rights to give their life a definite orientation. On an individual basis, any AYM member has much more to do. Thus, it is up to each member to take into consideration the little time everybody gives to AYM, and undertakes to stick to the timetable of activities.

  • Be Courteous

Treat one another and members of the community with respect. Everyone can make a valuable contribution to AYM. We may not always agree, but disagreement is no excuse for poor behavior or poor manners. We might all experience some frustration now and then, but we cannot allow that frustration to turn into a personal attack. It’s important to remember that a community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one. Avoid becoming involved in flame wars, trolling, personal attacks, and repetitive arguments. Take the matters outside (off-list, etc) if it helps resolve the situation, and do not use communal methods of communication to be a vehicle for your private wall of shame.

When you disagree, consult others. Disagreements, both political and technical, happen all the time and AYM cannot be an exception. Disagreement, debate and constructive criticism are often how progress is made and are a necessary part of doing complex work in a team. The important goal is not to avoid disagreements or differing views but to resolve them constructively. Above all, avoid making conflicts about the work into personal conflicts and in all cases, debate should never include reference to someone’s nationality, gender, religion or other personal characteristics.

  • Step Down Considerately

People on every project come and go, and AYM is no different. When you leave or disengage from the community, in whole or in part, we ask that you do so in a way that minimizes disruption to the AYM Activities. This means you should tell people you are leaving and take the proper steps to ensure that others can timely replace you instead of being a group member absent.

  • Be timely available

The success of AYM depends to a large extent on the availability of its members. If they fail to consider seriously the relevance of this issue, the work of AYM will not ensure to be crucial to the future accomplishment of its vision and objectives. To better responding to this challenge, all Members are requested to actively participates and in due time in all meetings organized. To check their e-mails regularly and answer them promptly—even if it’s “I’ll get back to you”.

  • Be Honest

Sometimes the hardest thing to say is “no” or admit you’ve forgotten do something. Be honest with each other and yourself with regards to what you say and what you can realistically commit to.

  • Follow the Appropriate Rules

All work contributed to the AYM activities must observe the appropriate legislation whether at local (Members home countries) or International Law so that the organization is not falsely accused.

Some members represent the AYM in specific areas or events, but you should not speak on behalf of the AYM or present yourself as his/her official representative unless you are specifically authorized to do so, and you should never state your opinions as the official programme of the AYM.

  • Avoid Conflict of Interest

When making decisions, any member must do so based only on the best interests of the AYM and its user community. If he/she has a situation or affiliation that might constitute or lead to a conflict of interest or might be perceived by a reasonable person in the community to be a conflict of interest, a member should disclose this to his/her Committee Chair. If appropriate, after discussing with your team, he/she should remove himself/herself from specific decisions or discussions in which he/she may have a conflict of interest.

Maintenance of Confidentiality

Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information to which they are exposed while serving for AYM, whether this information involves a other members or other persons or involves overall agency business. Failure to maintain confidentiality may result in termination of the AYM Membership.

Contacting Other Members

Occasionally, AYM member will need to contact other members with regard to their activities.  We expect all such communications among members to follow general netiquette guidelines. Other than email addresses, the AYM Manager will not share contact information about a member with another member without the express consent of all parties involved. We encourage members to use common sense when communicating with other members or anyone online. We suggest your following this rule: don’t reveal anything about yourself online to someone that you would not feel comfortable revealing to a stranger you met on the street.

In case of inappropriate communication, if at a member receive any e-mail that he/she feels it is inappropriate, for any reason, and he/she believes to have received it in conjunction with his/her involvement with AYM business, he/she is required to forward the email and other details about the communication to AYM management team.

Online Safety

The safety of AYM members is important. To that end, AYM will not release a member’s phone number, age or other personal information to anyone outside of the organization or to other members without that member’s written permission to do so. AYM may do list members who have completed assignments for it, along with the city where they reside and their e-mail address, and publish it on a page on AYM Web site. In case of member request, the particular information on him/her is removed. Please note that AYM does not make your e-mail address a “live link” on its page, this is to prevent spambots from harveting address to send members mass unsolicited junk e-mail advertisements.

Dismissal of a Member

Members who do no longer adhere to vision and mission of AYM or who fail to satisfactorily perform their volunteer assignment are subject to dismissal. No volunteer member will be terminated until the volunteer has had an opportunity to discuss the reasons for possible dismissal with Committee Chair and AYM Chairperson. Possible grounds for dismissal may include, but are not limited to, the following: gross misconduct or insubordination, misuse of AYM name, abuse or mistreatment of other AYM members, failure to abide by agency policies and procedures, and failure to satisfactorily perform assigned duties and any other mistake related to the aforesaid principles.

Quarterly Report

All AYM members must provide description report of activities undertaken by them every three months and recommendations on possible projects to look forward.

Periodic Member Evaluation

The performance of each member should be evaluated twice within the period of six months by the Chair of the committee and make a recommendation made to the AYM Chair regarding extending or terminating the term of the member in question following his/her efficiency and commitment for AYM mission.



Aya Chebbi

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