Vision & Mission Statements

We are creating a continent that respects the rights of all its citizens. Through our work we promote the values that binds our continent; ubuntu, unity, self-determination, integrity and accountability.

  • Vision

Transformation of the African Continent by African youth to achieve their rights to peace, equality and social justice.

  • Mission Statement

We connect young change-makers around the vision of pan-Africanism, empower them to participate and mobilize them to lead the change needed for Africa.

  • Guiding Principles

AYM is a community of committed young Africans. We incorporate inclusiveness and integrity into our organizational culture and provide a consistent support system for our members. Our work is guided by these values and principles:                             

  • Pan-African Values and Identity
  • Ubuntu
  • Self-Determination
  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Non-Violence

Theory of Change

The two main opportunities for realizing an action-oriented movement in Africa is to increase connectivity between constituents, and organize effectively to deliver results.

Our approach to address these challenges is to:
  1. Connect young Africans around the vision of pan-Africanism and collective action
  2. Empower young Africans with the knowledge, self-confidence, capability and commitment to make change happen.
  3. Mobilize young Africans to engage, organize and lead change that delivers the results that Africa needs.

AYM work will focus on these three areas simultaneously with the understanding that they mutually reinforce each other and will be the only way to reach our goal of transforming Africa.

Programme of Action    
  1. Advocacy: We advocate for African youth participation and leadership in the development of Africa. It includes solidarity campaigns, collective actions and youth representation at spaces that affect them.
  2. Shaping Narratives: We shape youth narratives and Africa narratives through our grassroots reporting, challenging the media narratives by using alternative media. We have built a strong platform for African youth to strengthen their voice, share ideas and conversations that matter to them.
  3. Knowledge production: We produce data-driven knowledge from youth perspective through applying research and analysis to influence policy and history.
  4. Building Youth Alliances: We support each other and create synergies amongst ourselves and young Africans worldwide by organizing convenings, creating new models for forums, facilitating processes and multi-stakeholders dialogues
  5. Direct Action/Non-violence: We work at the grassroots work to strengthen youth capacity to demand their rights and organize peacefully and creatively.