TrueAfrika Campaign

“It is time to change the narratives of Africa once and for all and decolonize Aboriginal Media”

The African proverb says “Until the lion can tell her own story, every tale will glorify the hunter.”

#TrueAfrika  is a call for local bloggers, Vloggers and photographers.

For far too long, the African continent, has been perceived by many in the West as a place of conflict, diseases, bleak descriptions of wars, famine, dismal records of governance, dependence on foreign aid, corruption, rising extremism, and money scams as well as a place of exoticism.

Enduring poverty and conflict in Africa are so stark in the world perception that it is difficult for them to see any good coming from or emanating from the continent. This was never an accurate picture, and it certainly does not reflect the economic dynamism and social change taking place in Africa today.  

With seven of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world, Africa is blessed with abundant resources, and its growth and social change is being driven by young people who are brimming with talent and energy.  Stories are important and powerful but unfortunately Africa’s stories are dominated by Western media propaganda. Besides, accounts of African history has been reworked and retold in such a way that the line between fact and fiction has become blurred. Movies, festivals, global events and keynotes about Africa have made Africa’s scope and story only fit the big screen and the Western perception. The West has continued to push the old and tired narratives of Africa, of stagnant and traditional continent.

In previous decades, perhaps we had no choice but to accept a certain level of ignorance and misrepresentation of Africa on the media, the cinema, the global civil society narratives,  but today, with the technology and globalized world, there is no excuse for you not to seek the true story and here we are offering it to you from local voices. If media have no ethical standards of reporting on Africa, we offer the alternative.

We will not retell, reclaim or re-image our stories, we will simply showcase a #TrueAfrika.

Stories shape perceptions and perceptions shape behaviour. This is why, AYM is launched new campaign

#TrueAfrika, with country hashatgs #TrueNigeria, #TrueTunisia, #TrueSouthAfrica, #TrueCameroon etc.

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