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All Africa

Rose Wachuka member of the Advisory Network of the movement says ‘’the campaign dubbed #AfricaSmile will see Kenyans and Africans from across the globe send pictures to the movement wearing attires to represent their rich culture and a caption of why they appreciate and love Africa

Deutsche Welle

The African Youth Movement Initiative is to create a movement in Africa where we can connect to debate about our common struggles and challenges, and eventually unite around potential solutions and collective actions.”

Youth Hub Africa

The African Youth Movemen is becoming a movement of young thinkers with strong ideology based on African values rather than a structured institutionalized entity

Ignite the The Youth

“We aspire to be the vision that connects the struggles and unite the voices of African youth in the fight for peace and social justice. We are working to build a large-scale community of million young Africans making change for Africa. In the next decade, AYM will play a major role in bridging divides between youth and leadership (governments/AU and others), North and sub-Saharan, Africa and diaspora”

Global Education Magazine

“We have 7 committees at The African Youth Movement centered around, Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Gender, Environment and Sustainable Development, Governance and Transparency, Agriculture, Peace and Security. These committees are opening critical conversational spaces for African youth. We are also working on establishing AYM Hubs in all the African countries to connect more with young Africans at the grassroots.”