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Solidarity Action

African Union Engagement

AYM effectively supported youth movements in Africa and the diaspora including, youth mobilization in Cameroon (working with lawyers, teachers and student protesters), the release of detained activists after their arrest and sentence (Angloa15 campaign), the mobilization of Gambian youth to ensure peaceful transition, ensuring security of our members at risk (in partnership with Frontline Defenders succeeded to save our member from DRC who was blacklisted by the government. We provide the support needed to our grassroots members’ through trainings, strategies, connections as well as reporting in different languages, publishing statements, petitions and campaigning in solidarity internationally for their demands in line with our vision and mission.

Togo: Following protests in Togo by young people calling for the end of the Gnassingbe family’s 50 years rule in Togo, AYM reached out to activists on ground for updates and was featured live radio interview on VocFM 93.1 in South Africa (listen here) which led to our Youth Declaration On Protest in Togo. Read the declaration in English and French. We also amplified the #TogoDebout across media platforms and created a cartoon in solidarity with all young activists in Togo

Cameroon: Following the recent civil protests in Cameroon in the capitals of the southwest (Buea) and northwest (Bamenda) respectively, AYM reached out to young activists across both regions and the diaspora to get firsthand the true nature of events on ground and issued a report and video with interviews here. As a result, we have partnered with other human rights organizations addressing an Open Letter To Cameroonian Government On Internet

Connectivity In Anglophone Regions. See here

 After 94 days, the Internet was restored and we issued another report about the immediate release of detainees and the need for national dialogue to tackle the root causes of the protest. (See here) #Angola15 Campaign AYM joined the efforts of our comrades in Angola and across the continent to call for the release of the 17 activists, who have been held in unlawful detention in Angola for 193 days.

AYM issued a Letter addressed to the President of Angola and our members have sent 20 letters in 8 African countries to different embassies and governments and in 3 European countries. AYM also supported and promoted the petition of Amnesty International until the detainees were released. The Gambia: AYM has been supporting the youth movement in the Gambia to stand peacefully for transparent elections. Following the elections, we reached out to Sait Matty Jaw, a social justice and political activist, to talk about the vigilance and organization of Gambians. Read the full interview Gabon: During the elections in Gabon, our member Théophane Nzame-Biyoghe wrote an open letter to Gabonese youth. Read the letter.

South Africa: we supported our youth in South African in two occasions FeesMustFall: we supported our member, Amukelani Mayimele, who played a significant role with in coordinating the peaceful protest, on social media and reported the story of south African youth claiming their right to Education. Read full interview here. Xenophobia: AYM organized an emergency hangout on xenophobia with members on the ground in South Africa and called for state action for dialogue and nonviolence. Uganda: Our member Moses Jirah writes about the situation in Uganda, read more on the website..