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The Committee on Education of Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) was born in 2015 following the creation of the movement. This committee was established to contribute to the overall goal of AYM by addressing key challenges faced by the education sector in Africa. This will be achieved through advocacy on identified challenges, learning from best practices and formulating solutions to improve the current state of education in Africa.

The Agriculture Committee of AYM was established in 2015 following the creation of the African Youth Movement (AYM). As part of AYM, we are students and professionals whose aim is to promote agriculture in Africa through youth engagement. We are dedicated to making positive change on Africa’s development by focusing on Agricultural issues. In Africa, agriculture supports the survival and well-being of up to 70 percent of the population which 60 percent is young people. Our goal is highlighting the potential presented by agriculture as the foundation for developing Africa and the decisive role young people can play in bringing this to a reality. In doing so, we seek to change the general perception of agriculture as an activity for the aged. We dream of a better Africa with youth at the forefront as agents of change and if you share this dream, please embark with us on this remarkable journey.

The Committee on Peace and Security (CPS) of the AYM was established in 2015 following the creation of the African Youth Movement. As part of AYM, the Committee’s contribution is to support Youth engagement in Peace and Security in Africa as a positive landmark for the future.
The CPS envisions leading activities in humanitarian aid, disaster relief and recovery. The committee promotes Youth involvement and engagement in disaster management, and serving needs of communities affected by social injustice, violence, armed conflicts and terrorism. Thus, create positive change in the field of peace and security in Africa.
Since its establishment, the Committee has responded to the fight against Terrorism in Africa and conducted research and publication on contemporary challenges to peace and security in Africa.

The Committee on Gender Equality is a unit within Africa Youth Movement established in March 2017 following the Retreat and Forum of the AfriKa Youth Movement (AYM) in Kenya. During the Retreat we acknowledged the importance of collaborating to address challenges facing Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming in Africa, in order to improve the role of both women and men, by challenging and changing the gender stereotypes and the gender roles.


We want to promote ‘gender’ far from the socially constructed idea of gender norms, by studying and working in the impacts of gender stereotypes on women and men. As part of AYM integral unit, we are committed to eliminate inequality in our continent through youth engagement in regional and local communities. We are dedicated to making positive change on Africa’s development by focusing on issues marked by the inequality that affects men and women in the continent. Our goal is highlighting the importance of reaching equality in order to develop the continent. In doing so, we seek to change the general perception of the gender roles through activities with different committees within the Movement, in order to work through awareness and actions in the issues that are consequences of the inequality present in the continent, such as gender violence, gender stereotypes, the marginalization of women and men, human trafficking and the lack of women’s participation in the social political and economic decisions.


  • The Committee on Gender and Equality embraces and follows the SDGs, the 17 goals to transform our word. The aim of the Goal n°5 is to Achieve Gender Equality and empower all women and girls. ( PDF  (put this as a picture and not as a file, If it is not possible, would be great to have at least the link of the file in order to let people understand the importance of gender equality ).
  • Our work is also based on the implementation of the AGENDA 2063 as we are part of ‘the voices of the african people’.
  • #WMHD2017: The COGE participated to the campaign with the Committee on Health, because #menstruationmatters ( Link– credit to Idah – Link – The Committee on Health in Ghana –link – The Committee on Health in Cameroon ) + youtube link
  • WORLD DAY AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING: AYM raised awareness about human trafficking with an official statement and a mobilization on social media. Afrika Youth Movement led the national campaign in Tunisia, in collaboration with CALAM and NOT 4 TRADE ORGANIZATION. ( we should insert here the official statement ). Article link
  • EUROPEAN WOMEN’S LOBBY: AYM participated at the march organized by the European Women’s Lobby to put an end to any form of violence against women.  Article 

( youtube) ( link Credits to Lyse Ishimwe ) link (Credits to Alisha Watts )

  • AFRIKA YOUTH MOVEMENT IN TUNISIA: Afrika Youth Movement was invited by The Global Progressive Forum, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity to talk about Gender Equality in Tunisia and the role of civil society and political parties. (link  ) ( link ) ( link) ( link ) ( link) link


  • BIOS :
  • SODFA DAAJI is a tunisian – italian feminist, proud abolitionist and student of International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Bologna. She is a member of Afrika Youth Movement and the chair of the committee on gender and equality. She is particularly interested in human trafficking and migrant issues. In Italy, she is member of the European Women’s Lobby youth abolitionist group and a representative voice for migrant issues. She is interested as well in interfaith dialogue and in freedom of belief. Link

The Committee on Health within Afrika Youth Movement was established in March 2017 following the Retreat and Forum of the Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) in Kenya. After careful deliberations members determined that there was need the for AYM to be at the forefront, raising awareness on various health challenges that we face in Africa.

The youth are the future of society, but they are also very much its present.

Health information and knowledge about diseases, bodily conditions and functions are evident determinants of health status and outcomes. However, as information (learning to know) is only useful if reinforced by positive attitudes (learning to be) and useful skills (learning to do), the ability to recognize a potential problem must be accompanied by the will and the identification of the means necessary to avoid it. AYMHC uses Life skills as abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. They include the ability to negotiate and exercise good judgement, maintain self esteem and handle pressure.

Since 2016, The Committee on Education (CoE) of the Afrika Youth Movement initiate, replicate and/ or join any action that promotes inclusive, quality and equitable education in Africa with a great inspiration from the Sustainable Development Goals, the Education 2030 Framework for Action and the aspiration 3,5,6 of the African Union 2063 Agenda.

The core team of the CoE are people working in the area of Education on their different countries all around Africa.

“We educators of Africa connect, empower and mobilize African youths to promote inclusive, equitable and quality education that works towards an integrated, prosperous, peaceful Africa led by its own citizens.”

Committee Team


CoE Chairperson