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12 April 2017

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Kwame at the Heart of the AUC: Free Movement in Africa

Kwame at the Heart of the AUC: Free Movement in Africa

Kwame at the Heart of the AUC: Free Movement in Africa

Ambassador Dr. Amina Mohamed, one of the contestants, is the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade of the Republic of Kenya. She has a career spanning over 30 years in international diplomacy and public service, particularly on issues of concern to Africa.  During the just concluded African Union Commission Debate #MjadalaAfrika, she focused on a question particularly important to our advocacy in Africa – Free Movement, especially in respect to the youth and creating a boundless Afrika.


She says: “Free movement of people, goods, services and capital will only become a reality when we build inter-continental links; roads, railways, airports, and ports that will allow us to move seamlessly across Africa.

We already have taken steps in this regard. The Yamoussoukro declaration is a good example that if implemented, would transform air travel within the Continent by making our air space open and more accessible and affordable and facilitate the movement of people, goods, services and capital.

We recently launched the AU passport which we should all fully embrace and roll out.

I am also convinced that we have only partially exploited the Africa Youth Volunteer Exchange Program that can be scaled up and used to give young Africans the opportunity to experience other cultures and countries, open their eyes to new opportunities and help them learn that we as Africans can work together to find solutions to our common challenges.”

She used the analogy of a young Africa from Ghana to show how powerful the youth would be for the continent. She said:

“Just imagine young Kwame from Ghana who has the opportunity to work in Equatorial Guinea, experience Botswana or Mozambique and even get married in Chad and invest in Senegal?  How beautiful would that be? Isn’t that worth working for?” As a result, the hashtag #IamKwame is being used to call for a boundless Africa and to ensure that free movement in Africa is at the heart of the next AUC agenda.

AYM is planning a Google Hangout with Dr. Amina Mohamed to answer questions from African youth, please write your questions on the comment section below and subscribe to our Google+ to receive the invitation to the Hangout details.

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