The African Youth Movement is a pan-African action-oriented movement that strives for the development, active participation and leadership of African youth in the fight for peace and social justice.

This vision has been shaped through a participatory process of connecting African youth through social media.

Therefore, she launched the first Google Hangout with a vision to connect, empower, build a bold African community, support each other’s dreams, restore our earth and resources, and celebrate our diversity.

AYM Story

Following Tunisia’s revolution, Aya Chebbi, an award-winning pan-African activist crossed over 20 African countries to widely speak in conferences and rallies about the 21st century youth-led revolutions that started in her country, Tunisia. She has supported, trained and worked with hundreds of social movement leaders, feminist groups, artist collectives and youth activists across the continent on mobilization, blogging and peace-building. She realized that the power of African youth has not yet been strongly connected and their potential has not yet been fully utilized to lead the continent. Hence, she began a quest to create an online open discussion that would bring the vital, yet untapped, voices and Africa-led solutions.

She created a Facebook group on August 7th, 2012 and added regularly inspiring youth she met or trained until the group reached 500 members. In July 15th, 2014, Aya launched the first Google Hangout with a vision to connect and build a bold African youth community. The vision and mission of the movement were shaped through online dialogues, social media and series of Google hangouts for the first six  months.

The movement has grown from 500 to over 5,000 members today from 40 countries across Africa and the diaspora. A Power Team of 7 volunteers and Committee Chairs who lead activities in different committees and AYM Hubs across Africa has been formed and the dream has started to unfold because building the Africa of our dream starts with us.

Following a duplication of the AYM name with other groups based in Nigeria and Uganda, we moved to have a name change and requested suggestions on new names from members. From the suggestions, we selected three names for a vote after which “Afrika Youth Movement” won the majority and was adopted in January 2017 as it also upholds our acronym “AYM”.