Committee On Gender Equality

The Committee on Gender Equality is a unit within Africa Youth Movement established in March 2017 following the Retreat and Forum of the AfriKa Youth Movement (AYM) in Kenya. During the Retreat we acknowledged the importance of collaborating to address challenges facing Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming in Africa, in order to improve the role of both women and men, by challenging and changing the gender stereotypes and the gender roles.

We want to promote ‘gender’ far from the socially constructed idea of gender norms, by studying and working in the impacts of gender stereotypes on women and men. As part of AYM integral unit, we are committed to eliminate inequality in our continent through youth engagement in regional and local communities. We are dedicated to making positive change on Africa’s development by focusing on issues marked by the inequality that affects men and women in the continent.

Our goal is highlighting the importance of reaching equality in order to develop the continent. In doing so, we seek to change the general perception of the gender roles through activities with different committees within the Movement, in order to work through awareness and actions in the issues that are consequences of the inequality present in the continent, such as gender violence, gender stereotypes, the marginalization of women and men, human trafficking and the lack of women’s participation in the social political and economic decisions.