August 1, 2015

July- AYMer of the Month

Maria Enow Ayuk Cameroon “Every time a new member comes on board, it’s a step closer to making Africa a better place” We have significant members […]
July 9, 2015

AYM at the Skoll World Forum (SWF)

On the 12th of April I went to England to attend the Skoll World Forum (SWF). My experience at   the Skoll World Forum can be summed […]
May 26, 2015

May the hunted also tell what they have seen

Of a fear-driven solidarity. We are the antelopes! Of a fear-driven solidarity. We are the antelopes! Call it ‘Jungle security.’
May 26, 2015


I am me and not you I am black and not blue I am not a substitute I am the actor
May 26, 2015

Daughters Of Nature

Earth! Of black Brown, And Red complexion That bores life - We Are the
May 26, 2015


Tea pot, tea hot, Hissing sound, sizzling song, Misty morning, missing someone, Licking heavens, wrecking rain,
May 26, 2015


Night falls on every man Eternity eludes every soul, yet; Living provide a chance, for;
May 26, 2015

“Policy Measures for the Empowerment of Young Women: The Missing Piece in the African Jigsaw”

"...I have a black belt in Karate I can lead a political party… Be the sovereign of a nation A whiz at navigation
May 26, 2015

Down With the Sinister Tree!

I loathe your brainless and morbid attitude. You make us treat our own like alien. An earthling as a Martian on this Green Habitat...