AYM Hubs

Thanks to our Country Coordinators leading AYM Hubs on the ground all over Africa, our youth uprising is growing stronger every day and we want you with us every step of the way!

You can be a part of the movement

What are the responsibilities of the Country Coordinator

  • Serve as representative of AYM within the country and be the contact point for AYM at the national level
  • Promote AYM values of pan-africanism and mission to place youth at the centre of national and regional discourse.
  • Liaise with AYM Power Team in planning of promotional events
  • Undertake and promote activities in line with AYM’s vision
  • Map the youth activities and networks in your country
  • Organize youth convenings (at least 3 per year)
  • Mobilize at least 1,000 membership of youth organizations, groups and individual changemakers in your country by December 15th, 2017
  • Identify local projects which AYM Hub can explore
  • Build partnership with in-country organisations  

What are the benefits of being a Hub Country Coordinators

  • Skills related to event management, communication and professional networking
  • Opportunity to work and connect with professionals, relevant institutions and young people in your country, while widening your personal and professional network
  • Certificate of recognition for the completed term of the representative role
  • Provision of recommendation from AYM when needed
  • Invitation to AYM Retreat and Forum 2018 to present your Hub work and best practices with other youth
  • Access to in-house experts and power team human resources for personal and hub activities


  • Be aged 20-32
  • Passionate about youth development, pan-Africanism and grassroots inclusion

This is a voluntary position, we are not a funding organization but a community of African youth that use innovation to face Africa’s challenges  

How to Kick off?

Youth empowerment, active participation and leadership are key to Africa’s development. Creating AYM Hubs in every African country ensures a sustainable platform for the entire community to begin working toward youth empowerment and leadership. Is it time for your community to be a part of this movement? Hereʼs how.

Host an AYM event to Launch the Hub

From Nairobi to Accra, Tunis to Joburg, our members are out in communities spreading the word about Afrika Youth Movement. Get creative about hosting your own event to Launch AYM Hub

APPLY TODAY to Launch AYM Hub in your country

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