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September 2, 2016
November 17, 2016

Daniel Nwaeze


“Individuality does not make a great leader”

We have brilliant members devoting their efforts to our continent. Therefore, every month, we shed light on their background related to their passion for developing Africa.

Our AYMer for the month of October is Daniel Nwaeze. He is a member of the committee on Peace and Security as well as Media and Communications. Daniel joined AYM in 2014 and has been diligently and selflessly contributing towards the vision of the movement and Africa in general.

Daniel Nwaeze is a Political Science graduate with majors in International Relation from one of the prestigious Universities in Nigeria, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). He is the Founder of Diplomacy Opportunities; a youth run initiative aimed at promoting issues around DIPLOMACY, PEACE, YOUTH and DEVELOPMENT through the use of new media, facilitating dialogues and International/Inter-Cultural Communications. “We also source for and share global development opportunities for passionate young leaders” he expressed.

You don’t need a title to be a leader. Daniel started his leadership journey at his early stage in life when he was made the class captain in primary school. Right from then, he has never at any point in time given up on his dream for a better society.

He is a strong believer of the school of thought that, individuality does not make a great leader. During our interview with him, “from that time till now” he says, “I have learnt and still learning that as a leader, you’re first a servant and decisions should not be individual”. “My career is still at the mid level; I have learnt well to my best of abilities, develop invaluable skills, still I have more to learn and offer” he adds.

Since you got familiar with our October AYMer, you can read below the full interview with Daniel to get to know more about his role in AYM.

What inspired you into being who you are today and what are your core values in life?

My greatest inspiration comes from my friend Femi of blessed memory. He would always push me to the boundaries and make me prepare hard. Also, my very supportive family and friends are part of what inspired me to my personality today. Transparency, Honesty and Humility are my ultimate core values in life.


How do you perceive the role of voluntarism in respect to your vision and dream for Africa?

Voluntarism breaks the skills gap. It will help us as young Africans, bridge the skills dearth and position us to take on big roles with experience and proffer workable solutions when called upon.

Are you satisfied with the level of youth involvement in the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? And why?

I am not. While so many youth are doing great work within their organizations and community towards achieving the SDGs, I believe we need to get more involved in high level government meetings and discussions at international level where these key decisions are made.

Recently, you were at Arusha for Africans Rising Conference Briefly tell us what the summit was all about?

The summit was put together to raise a new generation of passionate leaders in Civil Society, Religious Organizations, Government, Private sectors, NGOs and International Organizations in Africa and the Diaspora under the Africans Rising Movement for Peace, Justice and Sustainable Development.

How was your participation as a representative of AYM in Arusha and how has it helped you become more impactful in your community?

Representing AYM at the conference was a stepping point for me. I met other young Africans who are also members of AYM and doing greatly in their communities to take Africa to the next level.‎ Back in Nigeria, I collated what I learnt from all the sessions and series of the workshop and events to bring to light what was discussed.

Also, we are having a Nigeria launch of #AfricansRising and I am privileged as my being at the conference in Tanzania has granted me the opportunity to be in the team.

Why did you join AYM and why should other African youth join the movement?

I must confess, I joined AYM because of its awesome projects, access and broad links to passionate youth doing amazing work in Africa.‎ I wanted to be part of the #IloveMyContinent campaign as it was part of my studies and to contribute to the growth and impact of the members as a movement across Africa.

Obviously, I encourage other youth to be part of AYM. We’ee from individuals to a team and from a team to a family spread across Africa. We have amazing projects that you will love to be involved in; ranging from Agriculture, Education, Media and Communications to Governance, Peace and Security. You’ll definitely find a perfect match.

What will AYM bring to the African youth?

AYM brings you limitless development, learning, and engagement across Africa and beyond. You’ll meet amazing people that 5-10years from now, you’ll look back at now and be proud of the decisions you made, the impact you created and the friends you have.

How do you feel being nominated as the AYMer of the month?

I feel happy. It shows my contributions are being recognized and I am spurred to do more.

What is your advice to the unemployed African youth?

‎My advice to unemployed youth is to look around them. Africa is full of opportunities to create impact and make money. Build the right network, stay positive and focused.

Who is/are your role model(s) in life? And what is your favorite leadership quote?

My role models in life are, my mother, Chido Onumah and John Kerry‎. The quote from Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s book “My Vision” is my favorite leadership quote and it goes thus “With each new day in Africa, a gazelle wakes‎ up knowing he must outrun the fastest lion or perish. At the same time, a lion stirs and stretches, knowing he must outrun the fastest gazelle or starve.‎”

Finally, what is your last thought to the African youth out there?

My last thought to the African Youth out there is, “Less talk, more action”. Come join us at the Africa Youth Movement and together, let’s restore Peace, Development and Growth in Africa.


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